First Opponents are Confirmed

The new season have officially started and we know our first opponents are confirmed! Our Main team will be facing Quick whereas the academy team will be playing against 5Stars.

Two Weeks Until Season Start in Good Game-ligaen

The club is gearing up for its second season at the top level of the Norwegian league system with a different team lineup than the previous season. Wlowns and Sting have transferred to the newly promoted Quick Esports team after it was confirmed they would not continue with COR3 for the season start in Good Game-ligaen Spring 2024.

COR3 Returns to League of Legends

COR3 returns to League of Legends after a period of absence from the title. It’s now time to return to the popular MOBA game. The last time COR3 was represented in the Good Game League with a League of Legends team was in the Spring season of 2023.