First Opponents are Confirmed

The new season have officially started and we know our first opponents are confirmed! Our Main team will be facing know players in Wlowns, Sting and Neko whereas the academy team will be playing against 5Stars. Our former player AverRage will be on the opposite side from the COR3-team.

COR3 vs Quick Esports

In the highly anticipated Division 1 kickoff, COR3 Esport is set to face off against the newly promoted Quick Esports in the inaugural game of the season. Despite Quick Esports’ recent ascent from the lower division, it’s crucial not to underestimate their capabilities, as the team’s players have earned a reputation for consistently outperforming expectations. Notably, Wlowns and Sting, who were part of COR3 Esport last season, defied odds and secured a commendable 5th place finish in the previous campaign.

As spectators eagerly await this clash of titans, the history of Wlowns and Sting adds an extra layer of intrigue to the matchup. Their impressive performance last season, even while donning the COR3 Esport jersey, underscores the dynamic skill set they bring to the gaming arena. Fans can reminisce about their past achievements and anticipate how they will fare against their former teammates.

To enhance the viewing experience, the game will be broadcasted on Nugget Media’s official Twitch channel, NuggetEsport. The collaboration with our esteemed partner adds a touch of excitement, providing fans with an immersive platform to witness the strategic maneuvers and intense battles unfold. Mark your calendars for this thrilling encounter, scheduled to take place on Thursday at 8 pm, as COR3 Esport aims to make a triumphant start to their season on NuggetEsport’s Twitch channel.

COR3 2 vs 5Stars

Prior to the headline event featuring COR3 Esport’s main team against Quick Esports, the spotlight turns to the academy team as they gear up to confront 5Stars. A seasoned contender in Division 2 since the spring season of 2023, 5Stars has solidified their position after clinching victory in Division 3 during the 2022 season. Their ascent through the ranks showcases the squad’s prowess and resilience, setting the stage for an engaging matchup against COR3 Esport’s budding talents.

Adding an extra layer of anticipation is the presence of former COR3 player AverRage within the 5Stars lineup, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge about the inner workings of COR3 Esport. Alongside AverRage, the team boasts the skills of Magnetik, forming a formidable duo that poses a challenge to any opponent. The third player’s identity, shrouded in mystery, adds an element of intrigue, leaving fans speculating about the potential surprise factor they might bring to the game.

As these two promising teams clash, fans can expect a riveting display of skill, strategy, and competitive spirit. The academy team’s opportunity to face off against a seasoned Division 2 competitor like 5Stars serves as a valuable learning experience, offering insights and growth potential for COR3 Esport’s emerging talents. The encounter promises to be a thrilling precursor to the main event, providing a comprehensive showcase of COR3 Esport’s commitment to fostering talent and competitiveness at every level of play.

All our Opponents are Confirmed

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