COR3 leaves Good Game-ligaen

After 9 seasons of climbing the divisons, it’s time to announce that COR3 leaves Good Game-ligaen

After nine remarkable seasons, COR3 Esport is bidding farewell to Good Game-ligaen. Our journey has been nothing short of exciting, starting from the lowest division and climbing all the way to the premier division, where we’ve competed for the last two seasons.

However, recent changes have led us to make this difficult decision. The removal of prize money and the increased cost of participation have significantly impacted our ability to justify continuing in the league. As a club, we prioritize sustainable growth and investment in our players and community. Without the incentive of prize money and with rising costs, the pursuit of the Championship-Trophy is no longer our goal.

We want to send thanks to Good Game AS, players, and partners who have been with us through every match and milestone. Your work has been the backbone of our success and motivation.

While we step away from Good Game-ligaen, we remain committed to the competitive esports scene and look forward to new challenges and opportunities ahead. Stay tuned for exciting announcements about our future plans and upcoming matches. COR3 Esport is not just a team; it’s a family, and our journey is far from over.