Promotion and Demotion All At Once

With the season coming to an end, we would like to wrap it up with a article about our performances in both the Norwegian and Swedish leagues.

Rocket League

Kept out by margins in Division 1

In Norway we are in 2024 competing at the highest level possible – division 1. Our team suffered a rough start to the campaign with losses versus Quick, MAJOR, Rotaryon and Fact the first four rounds. Even though the results were 3x 4-0 and 4-1, most of our losses were within 1 goal. This led to a permanent roster change for our A-team as Swampy replaced Kingjs on the team.

This proved to be a good move for the club as we picked up our first win, against Razzle Dazzlers in round 5. After this result, something changed in our team. The following round, against reigning champions Senja, we were holding onto the victory up until the last minute of game 7 on Champions Field. However – Senja managed to turn it around. But this meant that our team could beat anyone on their day.

In round 8 we were up against Nidaros. When we last met in 2023 it ended up becoming a thriller as Kingjs, our substitute at the time, scored the winning goal in overtime of game 7. This time both teams were fighting for their right to stay in the league as Nidaros were in 7th and COR3 in 8th. Winning this game was crucial in order to stay in the league. And we did. We repeated history and beat Nidaros in game 7 overtime – again. And with Playwell and Razzle failing to beat their opponents, we would manage to secure our 8th place even with a loss in the last round.

Round 9 ended exactly like that. We failed to beat DMG but as Razzle fell short to Quick and Playwell got beat by MAJOR we would be guaranteed the qualification-game to stay in Division 1. Now who would that be against? Our development-squad.

Turnaround of the century

Our campaign in Division 2 startet much like our team in Division 1 as well. In round 1 – against 5Stars, we fell short and lost 3-4 despite having a 3-1 lead and essentially everything in our own hands. This was the start of the end for our Roster as we had 3 losses and 1 victory after four rounds. And that single victory was a walkover against BetaFrost..

With this, we were in 9th place after 4 of 9 rounds were played. With the transfer window closing before round 5 – we had to act quickly to make changes. Muzzio was released from the roster and Azamil moved to the bench as we made room for some top players for our team. Choke stayed but got pzy and Kasper alongside him – with EmilVald substituting for round 5, where we beat Oilers 4-0.

After this, we only dropped two games and winning all of our remaining serieses. But drama were to unfold in the last round. We beat MAJOR 2 comfortably 4-0 to keep our chance of placing 3rd, qualifying for promotion play-offs. But in order to reach this, we needed 5Stars to win 4-2 or better against fellow promotion-hungry Horizon. And our prayers worked. Even though Horizon looked stronger than 5Stars at the start of their series, they managed to turn it around and provide us with the result necessary to place 3rd.

COR3: Civil War

As you now may have figured, the promotion play-off for Division 1 was quite unique. COR3 vs COR3 2. Now, for the club it essentially didn’t matter who won, as we would be in Div 1 and 2 no matter who won. But for the players it would be the most important game of the season.

But there was no drama. COR3 2 won comfortably 4-0 over their own main roster, proving the calibre of the players we managed to secure before the transfer window closed in Division 2. This meant that COR3 managed Promotion and Demotion All At Once in Good Game-ligaen, giving us the opportunity to regain for the Fall 2024-season and a shot for glory.

Svenska Raketligaen

In Sweden, things weren’t as smooth either. Our roster; Azamil, Vyn0 and ayden, proved to struggle to find the rhythm in Division 3. With no victories until round 6 vs Formal Gaming B, the team had to look at their options in order to make the season a success. As the transfer window opened, Vyn0 left the team for fellow Division 3 team, FacePalm Fumble. This made room for Atom to join COR3. This didn’t end up as the dream signing either, as the team struggled to prove themselves in Division 3.

As of writing this, the team is currently in 8th place, safe from relegation, but only to qualify for Division 3 play-off. They have 5 wins and 12 losses, sitting at 17 points with one game to go. For our first season in Sweden, it was alright, but how next season will go, remains to be seen.

League of Legends

The only team to perform at a decent level for the entire season is our League of Legends-roster. Starting the season with two wins, one could start dreaming of promotion to Division 2, but those dreams were quickly shattered as we lost 0-2 to Highfire in round 3. However this was not the end. Our legends fought their way back to the top of the table, but with losses versus Solid Gaming and Harcus Molta, we fell short of hopes for promotion and had to settle for 3rd place in the league. The team showed that they belong in the division in their comeback and will be aiming for promotion next season.