Two Weeks Until Season Start in Good Game-ligaen

The league start is approaching for several hundred Norwegian Rocket League players, and at COR3, it’s no exception. The club is gearing up for its second season at the top level of the Norwegian league system with a different team lineup than the previous season. Wlowns and Sting have transferred to the newly promoted Quick Esports team after it was confirmed they would not continue with COR3 for the season start in Good Game-ligaen Spring 2024.

Season start in Good Game-ligaen

The complete team lineup is not yet finalized, but it is confirmed that luutix will make his debut in the 1st division in the starting lineup for a team. He played his first series in the 1st division last fall when COR3 beat Fact 4-2. Joining him so far are the English player Kingjs, who was a substitute for us last season, and Choke, who, along with Sting and Wlowns, made up the previous season’s team lineup.

It’s still not 100% confirmed who will represent the club in the upcoming season, but there’s no doubt that it will be a good season. COR3 is one of three clubs represented in both the 1st and 2nd divisions this season. COR3 Esport 2 was promoted from the 3rd division after winning their division. This means that COR3, MAJOR, and Rotaryon are the only clubs with their B-team at the second-highest level in the country.

Last season was a success

Before the Autumn 2023 season, few expected COR3 to manage to stay up. A solid start to the season built hope and team morale that lasted the entire season, leading the team to a bittersweet 5th place. Finishing in the upper half of the table is good, but everyone was disappointed after the loss to MAJOR in round 8, confirming there would be no playoffs. Nonetheless, it was a good result, with a victory over Nidaros in overtime in the 7th match – possibly the highlight of the season.

For the B-team, it was a well-executed season despite some weak games. A 3-4 loss to Legenders and two narrow 4-3 victories over Bumpibears esports and Essentials meant that the 1st place was just about maintained until the end – leading to both promotion and qualification for the first edition of the Tippecupen. In that tournament, they had a great start with 4/4 possible wins before facing the other division winners. These proved too strong, resulting in a 3rd place in the Tippecupen and a season ending with a bit of a bad taste in the mouth. Now, the clear goal for the B-team is to take the 2nd division by storm.

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