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Gaming and good vibes have been in great focus ever since COR3 started it's journey in 2008 and into the future. Games such as Call of Duty, Halo, Forza and GTA paved the way for all our members to live a life full of gaming joy. In 2019 we opened a new chapter of our story: Esports.

The first game we touched in a competitive manner was Rocket League, and our main focus is still at that platform. Although we have widened our horizon by acquiring a roster in Apex Legends and League of Legends in fall 2020 and spring 2021 respectively.

Now we are heading into 2022 and the rest of the future with a overhauled website and more motivation than ever to provide esport possibilities for every player, regardless of skill-level and experience. Want to try us out? Shoot us a DM on discord.

Gamers unite! COR3


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Want to play some modded Minecraft?

Join our server and build your colony and roam through the skies with a plane or helicopter in the newest world generation. The server has a rank system counting you in game hours and rewarding you every sunrise.

You can also access the VIP, VIP+ and VIP++ ranks in the COR3 STOR3 below. Here you'll get great advantages in running your colony, or your own private base. There is no need to create a colony if you just want to explore the world in your square airplane. The choice is yours!


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Limited supply

COR3 Casual Kit


Limited supply

COR3 Champion Jacket


Limited supply

COR3 Hoodie


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