COR3 Ready for Division 3 in SRL

After a exciting open qualifier yesterday it ended up with a spot in division 3 for our new Swedish team!

Svenska Rakeligan, abbreviated as SRL, is the national league in Sweden for Rocket League players. Our team, consisting of Azamil, Vyn0 and Ayden had to attempt to qualify for division 3 to avoid being placed in the lowest division upon joining the league system.

After a two-day qualifier with double elimination, COR3 fought their way to the decider on sunday and after a dominant performance they beat Midair 4-1 to qualify. The game was broadcasted on SRL’s official Twitch-channel and you can watch the replay there. Our schedule will be updated as soon as the fixtures for this season are published. You can see all of our upcoming games in our schedule, regardless of team and games.