About us

For some, esports is for winnning. For some it is for fun. For us it is both.

COR3 have always been about being a strong collective community, whilst performing well on and off the game. Ever since our start as a community in 2009 we’ve been focused on performing well whilst cheering on each other to promote success and growth.

2009: The beginning

COR3 was founded by Bård “iBrokenEnglish” Sjøli back in 2009, when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 released. For several years it was all about playing together, having fun and pushing each other to victory, all while using the [COR3] clan tag.

2019: Enter esports

Ten years of laughter, rage and memories later – COR3 enters esports, with Rocket League, Apex Legends and Call of Duty being the main titles. The team didn’t see any particular success during the early eras and in 2021 the Call of Duty-roster disbanded. Apex lasted for one more year – being swapped out with League of Legends. The Rocket League team struggled to get a footing in Good Game-ligaen, and stayed in the bottom division for two years.

2022: First taste of success

Spring 2022 saw the first leap into the Rocket League-scene of Norwegian esports. Due to lack of participants in division 3, COR3 was granted a spot after just missing out on promotion from division 4. With this came new players and a new era started. The new roster, consisting of Noxuz, Biggie and Jaros fought through the entire season, winning seven games and losing one to grab 1st place and get a “back-to-back” promotion.

Division 2 proved to be a big difference in challenge, and COR3 ended up on 7th place – meaning a demotion. But luckliy for us, we got a hand from the higher-ups when NTNUI did not sign up for the spring 2023-season. That meant that COR3 once again got handed a lifeline, and we kept our spot in division 2.

2023: High-gear performance

With five days from the “Hey – you get to keep your division 2 spot!”-message to the first round, we had limited time to get a impactful squad. But we did. Rusty, Nuggy and Bullet, three completely unknown players, and rookies in the Norwegian league system took the league by storm. Eight wins and one loss was enough to finish in 1st place, above Razzle Dazzlers by game-difference. The job was done, we were in the top flight.

With COR3’s first season in division 1, we saw a completely new roster. Nuggy retired after one season to focus on school while Rusty and Bullet left on personal reasons. That meant we had to get new players to represent the club, and in came Choke, a four-time semi-finalist, Sting with crazy mechanics that earned him a spot in the Pulse Clan’s roster and lastly Wlowns, a talented Norwegian that had focused on international tournaments rather than the Norwegian league.

This trio surprised everyone, finishing 5th – just one point short of play-offs. This was a performance noone had expected from the club and really put our name out there. Now it’s time to rebuild for 2024 and create even crazier memories than earlier!